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General questions about our company, service, and properties we offer on this website:

  • What does rent-to-own actually mean?
  • What is the lease option process?
  • Do appliances or furniture come with a rent-to-own home?
  • What if I have bad credit? Can I still get a rent-to-own home?
  • Is there a down payment on a rent-to-own home?
  • What are the benefits of a rent-to-own home?
  • What are the requirements of a lease option agreement?

What does Rent-to-Own actually mean?

Rent-to-own is the term we use for the overall arrangement of renting a property that you will buy in the future. The agreement used for this process is called a lease option agreement.

In most cases, a rent-to-own property would come with a normal lease but would also include an exclusive option to purchase the property. The agreement is often called a lease with an option to buy – or a lease option agreement for short.

The lease portion is a standard rental agreement that includes monthly rent, security deposit, and other typical terms.

The option part of the agreement gives you the right to purchase the property after a set time period – usually around 1-3 years. This gives you the ability to save additional money towards a down payment, repair your credit, increase your income, or otherwise improve your ability to qualify for a mortgage.

Most of the time people use a traditional mortgage loan to purchase the property prior to the expiration of the rental period, but there are other options if your financial situation has unique needs.

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What is the Rent-to-Own process?

The rent-to-own or lease option process is actually pretty simple.

We start with an initial conversation to get a better idea of what you’re looking for and if you are likely to qualify for one of our homes. If so, we’ll start the simple paperwork to get the ball rolling.

Don’t worry – we help people with all kinds of credit and financial situations, and if you can afford the property, we can probably help you to own it.

After you’re approved to rent the property, just sign the lease, pay your security deposit and rent – then move on in!

Your lease option agreement will spell out the length of time that you have to complete the purchase of the property – typically 1 to 3 years, but in certain circumstances, we may extend your option period if you need more time.

The purchase of your home usually takes place through a traditional mortgage loan, but there are other ways to complete the purchase, depending on your finances.

That’s the process!

Once you’ve completed your mortgage, you’re done – now you own your home (that you’d already been living in)!

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Do appliances or furniture come with a Rent-to-Own home?

Most of the time, furniture isn’t included with a lease option arrangement.

Generally, like most rentals, the basic appliances are there – like a refrigerator, stove, oven, and sometimes extras, like a dishwasher, a washer, and a dryer. Parts of a property that are installed or attached – like the heating system and air conditioning – are definitely included.

Sometimes, we’ll offer a property that includes some furnishings. Most buyers want to bring their own items with them from their previous home, and that’s why furniture is sold separately.

There are many companies out there that provide a rent or rent-to-own service for furniture or extra appliances, and you’ll get lots of choices on styles and types.

But be careful!

Even though rent-to-own real estate can be a great deal, some furniture companies will charge you huge amounts for a rental agreement. You might end up paying 2-3x more for these products than if you bought them outright.

Those furnishings and/or appliances will probably go down in value – unlike real estate, which usually goes up in value over time.

Of course, you want your money to be going to an asset (like your home) that will rise in value, not expensive interest payments on new furniture.

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What if I have bad credit? Can I still get a Rent-to-Own home?

Yes, you can! Many people with bad credit can still get a rent-to-own home.

Every situation is different, but we specialize in helping people who have been through tough circumstances (or just made mistakes in the past) to repair their credit and get started on the path to a great financial future.

Even if your credit is bad, you can still own a property. One of the major benefits of a lease option is that it gives you time to repair your credit before you purchase your home while already living in it.

You’ll enjoy many of the benefits of home ownership while you’re rebuilding your credit and saving money towards a down payment. The key is starting a credit repair plan, taking it seriously and sticking to it.

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What are the benefits of a Rent-to-Own home?

There are a lot of benefits of a rent-to-own home using a lease option agreement!

In the San Francisco Bay Area area, lots of smart people are using lease option agreements as a way to get the home of their dreams without having to qualify for a bank loan right away.

In the past few years, banks have been very tight on their lending criteria. Most people who use a lease option agreement want a few years to get ready to qualify.

Here are a few more reasons to use a lease option agreement:

  • Try before you buy! You get to live in your rented home before you actually purchase it, allowing you to make sure it’s actually your dream home. If you don’t like the house, you don’t have to complete the purchase.
  • Own without great credit or a big down payment. You can start feeling like a homeowner right away while saving up and improving your credit.
  • Set purchase price in advance. You will have a pre-agreed upon future purchase price of your home so no negotiating needed when it’s time to go from tenant to owner.
  • Can help when relocating. If you have to relocate and are waiting to sell an existing house and use those funds for a new purchase, a lease option can be a great interim solution.
  • Move in fast. Since you don’t have to wait for a mortgage, you can often move in right away – and get started living a new life in the home of your dreams!
  • Privacy. You’re not listed as the purchaser on any public records until the closing takes place, giving you years of privacy.

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Is there a down payment on a Rent-to-Own home?

You generally don’t have to have a full down payment until your purchase is complete (typically 1 – 3 years).

However, there would be an option fee due upon move-in and execution of the option agreement, which can often count toward the future purchase downpayment.

The option fee is typically in the range of 3% – 5% of home value depending on your situation. We can discuss options that fit your budget.

And, just like any other lease agreement in San Francisco Bay Area, there is usually a security deposit and a small application fee in addition to the fee upon move-in. Of course, you’ll have to pay rent each month.

We can help you to structure the perfect scenario to meet your needs and walk you through different options when we prepare your agreement and help you figure out what’s best for you.

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What are the requirements of a Lease Option agreement?

We know that every person, family, household and situation is different.

We do our best to help you uncover creative solutions to help you own the home of your dreams.

Once you’ve had a chance to check out the house, you’ll fill out a rental application that will get the final steps in motion.

We’ll conduct a credit check and verify the income(s) for everyone over 18 who is living in your household to confirm that you’ll be able to make your monthly payment.

People with bad credit, no credit, limited cash available, and other financial situations have all been able to lease, then purchase, their own perfect piece of real estate.

We’d like to hear about your particular situation and also your references and previous landlords – because relationships matter to us more than just scores assigned by a computer.

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